Whether you are embracing the beginning of a new relationship, considering unfurling issues within an ongoing common-law connection or marriage, or facing the end of a relationship and preparing for divorce, we understand that you may have many questions about the potential challenges and issues ahead. At Chan Law, we take pride in explaining the applicable family law principles and the nature of the legal system in simple terms, and we are dedicated to providing appropriate guidance and the necessary tools that will allow you to achieve a quick and cost-efficient resolution to your situation, and put you on the right path for the future.

For example, if you are involved in a long-term relationship, preparing to be married in the near future, or are married for a second time, we can aid in the drafting of cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts to protect your financial interests. If you are dealing with the unexpected breakdown of a relationship, we can provide compassionate and informative assistance in explaining your legal rights and obligations, and help you navigate your way through all of the separation and divorce issues in a cost-efficient and settlement-driven manner. Some separation issues may include the division of property including the disposition of a shared home; examining child matters, such as custody, access rights and child support; and considering spousal support issues.

Chan Law - Family LawAlthough Douglas Chan has experience acting as a fervent advocate for his clients within the court system, having appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice, he always encourages his clients to consider and explore all possible mechanisms for reaching a quicker and more amicable settlement outside of the courts. With this approach, clients can focus on maintaining good communication with the other party/parent, dealing with each other in a respectful manner, and acting in the best interests of the child. We can provide representation and assistance with a variety of family matters, including:

  • Separation agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Child and spousal support determinations and variations
  • Uncontested divorce applications
  • Travel consent letters
  • Foreign divorce opinion letters
  • Independent legal advice

In the event that a particular matter may be destined or more suited for the court system, we can provide or guide you to the necessary resources required to prepare for a court proceeding.

As each family situation is unique, we stand ready to listen and talk with you to put together a clear plan that will lead to an effective and practical solution to the key issues affecting your life, without incurring the overbearing expense and harsh emotional toll associated with litigation.